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King Jeongjo's Royal Parade

The Story of the Festival Festival Overview

Event Title
2019 King Jeongjo’s Royal Parade
October 5th (Sat) ~ 6th (Sun) 2019 Seoul, Suwon, Hwaseong Held for 2 consecutive days

Seoul Route: October 5th (Sat) 09:15-18:00

The King’s Visit to Suwon: October 6th (Sun) 08:50~18:30

Hwaseong Route: October 6th (Sun) 11:00~16:30

Location & Venues
Seoul ~ Siheung Haenggung ~ Anyang/Uiwang ~ Suwon ~ Hwaseong (59km in total)

Seoul Route: Changdeokgung Palace ~ Baedari ~ Nodeulseom Island ~ Noeul-Naru Park ~ Siheung Haenggung Palace (19.3km in total)

The King’s Visit to Suwon: Geumcheon-gu District Office ~ 엘에스로 (12.7km in total) 엘에스로 ~ The Old Pine Tree Forest Zone (6km) The Old Pine Tree Forest Zone in Suwon ~ Haenggung Palace Square ~ Daehwanggyo-dong (12.5km)

Hwaseong Route: Daehwanggyo-dong ~ Hwaseong Hyeonchung Park ~ Manneonje ~ Yunggeolleung (7.4km in total)


Seoul Route: Palace-Leaving Ceremony, Opening Ceremony of Baedari, Drawing Performance, Jeongjae Performance (Performance enjoyed during the Great Palace feast) Gyeok-Jaeng Oral Petition and others

The King’s Visit to Suwon:
1)The King’s Visit to Anyang (Geumcheon-gu District Office ~ 엘에스로)

  • Geumcheon-gu District Office : Korean Big Barrel Drum (Daego) & Royal Court Dancing, and Palace-Leaving Ceremony
  • Seoksu Sports Park : Joining the procession
  • Manan Bridge : Anyang Manan Bridge Crossing and Receiving King Jeongjo by Anyang Hyeongam (Governor)
  • Anyang Station : Anyangcham Rock (Music) Hanmadang and Gyeok-Jaeng Oral Petition + Fighting Against Assassins
  • 엘에스로 : Handing Over the Festival Flag by Pabalma (the Horse Courier) / Changing of the Parade
2) The King’s Visit to Uiwang (엘에스로~The Old Pine Tree Forest Zone)
  • Uiwang Kia Motors : Sageuncham Eoullim Hanmadang, Uiwang Hyeongam (Governor) Receiving King Jeongjo, Gyeok-Jaeng Oral Petition + Fighting Against Assassins and Visit to the Sageuncham Haenggung Palace Site
  • The Old Pine Tree Forest Zone : Joining the procession
3)The King’s Visit ① to Suwon (The Old Pine Tree Forest Zone ~ Suwon Sports Complex)
  • The old Pine Tree Forest Zone: Fusion Concert of Korean Classical Traditional Music, Welcoming Ceremony Upon King Jeongjo’s Entrance Suwon
4) The King’s Visit ② to Suwon ( Suwon Sports Complex ~ Yeonmudae)
  • Suwon Sports Complex: Performance by Pungmul Band Association, Civic Parade, Parade of Hwaseong Royal Vehicle Parade of Filial Behavior (Hyohaeng) & Joint Parade of Social Contribution Gathering/The Parade Group Gathering
  • Janganmun Gate: (Preliminary Ceremony) Military Ceremony, Performance by Gyeonggi Provincial Dance Company, Pabalma (Horse Courier) Ceremony, Receiving King Jeongjo by Suwon Yusu (Governor)
  • Haenggung Palace Square: (Preliminary Ceremony) Performance by the Royal Court Dancing Group, Performance by Pungmul Band Association, The Gyeok-Jaeng Oral Petition+ Fighting Against Assassins
  • Yeonmudae: Dispersion Point
5) The King’s Visit ③ to Suwon (Suwon Sports Complex ~ Daehwanggyo-dong)
  • Hwaseong Haenggung Palace: Palace-Leaving Ceremony
  • Daehwanggyo-dong: Festival Flag Changing Ceremony

Hwaseong Route: Serving Lady Hyegyeong a Royal Meal (Thin Rice Porridge) and Sharing it with Citizens, Gyeok-Jaeng Oral Petition, Receiving King Jeongjo by Hwaseong Yusu (Governor) , and Welcoming Group Receiving King Jeongjo

Total Distance of 56km with 4,842 Participants in total

Seoul Route: 1,680 participants / 140 horses

The King’s Visit to Suwon: 2,662 participants / 335 horses

Hwaseong Route: 500 participants / 70 horses

Participating Government Agencies
Jongno-gu District Office, Yongsan-gu District Office, Dongjak-gu District Office, Anyang-si and Uiwang-si
Hosted by
Seoul-si, Gyeonggi-do, Suwon-si and Hwaseong-si

Management Office for the 2019 King Jeongjo Tomb Parade Reenactment

Seoul Office16-9, Yanghwa-ro 8-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul 04044 /Tel 02-786-0610

Suwon Office11, Haenggung-ro, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do/Tel 031-290-3612~3

Hwaseong OfficeNojak-ro, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 18459, Festival Promotion Team of Dongtan Cultural Complex Center/Tel 031-8015-8275

Office HoursMon-Fri 10:00~18:00