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King Jeongjo's Royal Parade

Seoul Route The King’s Visit to Suwon Hwaseong Route

Gangbuk & Baedari Routes Gangnam Routes
Gangbuk & Baedari RoutesChangdeokgung Palace ~ Nodeulseom Island / 8.3km *The program above is subject to change. Move your mouse cursor and hover it over the desired location to access more details about the program.
Move your mouse cursor and hover it over the desired location to access more details about the program
Changdeokgung Palace
  • 출궁의식
Jongno 3-ga Station
Sejong-daero Jct.
  • 축제행렬
City Hall Station
Seoul Station
  • 전통문화공연
Sookmyung Women’s Univ.
Samgakji Station
Sinyongsan Station
Hangangdaegyo northern extremity
  • 배다리 시도식
  • 시민 배다리체험
Nodeulseom Island
  • 전통공연
  • 도화 퍼포먼스
  • 미음다반 퍼포먼스
  • 격쟁 퍼포먼스
  • 정재공연 ‘선유락&처용무‘
  • 능행차 전시체험관
  • 산대 포토존
  • 민복 대여
  • 두텁떡 체험
  • 먹거리 장터

1Changdeokgung Palace 2Jongno 3-ga Station

4City Hall Station 3Sejong-daero Jct.

5Seoul Station 6Sookmyung Women’s Univ.

8Sinyongsan Station 7Samgakji Station

9Hangangdaegyo northern extremity

1Baedari 2Nodeulseom Island

강북구간 프로그램 시간표

Changdeokgung Palace Sejong-daero Crossroads Seoul Station Noeul Island
Palace-Leaving Ceremony
09:30~10:00   Traditional Culture Performance: Muyedobotongji (Martial Arts Demo Show) and Tightrope Walk
10:00~10:30 Festival Parade & The National Championship Parade - The King Jeongjo’s Royal Parade-Themed Exhibitions

- The Visitor Experience Enhancement Program [Renting Traditional Clothing of the Common People, Sandae Photo Zone, Duteoptteok (Thick Rice Cake) Tasting Experience and Traditional Craft Experiences]

- Food Market & Traditional Pubs (Inn & Tavern)
11:00~11:30 Traditional Entertainment Performances
12:40~12:50 Performance of Serving a Royal Meal (Thin Rice Porridge)
12:50~13:00 Gyeok-Jeong Oral Petition Performance
13:00~13:30 Jeongjae Royal Court Music & Dance Performances
13:30~14:00 Special Programs for Non-Koreans
14:00~14:30 Traditional Culture Performance

Changdeokgung Palace

Palace-Leaving Ceremony


Reenactment of the people’s farewell to King Jeongjo and Lady Hyegyeong, who were leaving for Royal Parade, wishing them a safe journey

Sejong-daero Jct

Festival Parade


Special parades including a civic parade are held.

Seoul Station

Traditional Cultural Performance


Performances have been arranged such as a demonstration of a comprehensive illustrated manual of martial arts and tightrope walking, etc. which can be enjoyed with the public before beginning the procession.

Baedari ~ Nodeulseom Island

Traditional Performance

11:00~11:40 Nodeulseom Island

Pungmul (local performance) and large drum performance for citizens of Nodeulseom Island.

Drawing Performance

12:00~12:30 Nodeulseom Island

A Banchado (painting of the royal ritual records) performance of King Jeongjo’s Royal Parade on large drawing paper by artists of Dohwaseo (Korean Royal Academy of Painting), led by Kim Hong-do on Nodeulseom Island.

Royal Meal (Thin Rice Porridge) Serving Performance

12:40~12:50 Nodeulseom Island

Porridge tasting program and performance of serving thin rice porridge, by which King Jeongjo’s filial piety towards his mother could be observed.

Gyeok-Jeong Oral Petition

12:50~13:00 Nodeulseom Island

A play incorporating Sang-Eon and Gyeok-Jaeng practices, in which people beat a gong in order to gain the attention of the king, and reenactment of the King listening to people complaining of unfair treatment or injustices and solving their problems and difficulties during his visits to Nodeulseom Islands.

Jeongjae Royal Court Music & Dance Performance

13:10~13:40 Nodeulseom Island

The Royal Court Music and Dance Performance, Cheoyongmu (The Dances of Cheoyong) and Taepyeongmu (The Dances of Peace)

Special Program for Non-Koreans

13:40~14:10 Nodeulseom Island

A program where non-Korean visitors participate in a special time when there is a special occasion to celebrate in the country of Nodeul Island

Traditional Culture Performance

14:10~15:00 Nodeulseom Island

Various entertainment performances to enjoy with the audience at Nodeul Island as post-event activities

King Jeongjo’s Royal Parade Exhibition Hall

10:00~16:00 Nodeulseom Island

A space where you can enjoy various experiences related to Kong Jeongjo’s Royal Parade such as clothing worn during the Royal Parade on Nodeulseum Island, Lady Hyegyeong’s birthday feast, folding screens with drawings depicting King Jeongjo’s Royal Parade, and festival flags .

Traditional Craft Experiences

10:00~16:00 Nodeulseom Island<

You can experience in making traditional crafts such as Nodeul Island knots and embroidery.

Sandae Photo Zone

10:00~16:00 Nodeulseom Island

Operation of Sandae Photo Zone where participants can experience the culture of the Nodeulseum Island royal court.

Rental Services for Clothing of the Common People

10:00~16:00 Nodeulseom Island

A booth for clothing rental services at which people can rent clothing worn by the Nodeulseum Island’s common people in the Joseon Dynasty and feel like one of them.

Duteoptteok (Thick) Tasting Experience

Always-On Operations Nodeulseom Island

Participants can try Duteoptteok, which was treated as one of the “tteok” specialties on Nodeulseum Island, and served on the 60th birthday of Lady Hyegyeong

Food Market

Always-On Operations Nodeulseom Island

You can buy foods that officials, scholars, and soldiers including King Jeongjo and Lady Hyegyeong ate at the time of the Royal Parade. We operate the food market throughout the year so that people who visit Nodeulseom Island do not miss out on the food tasting experience.

Management Office for the 2019 King Jeongjo Tomb Parade Reenactment

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