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King Jeongjo's Royal Parade

Seoul Route The King’s Visit to Suwon Hwaseong Route
HwaseongDaehwanggyo-dong ~ Yunggeolleung Tombs *상기 프로그램은 상황에 따라 변동될 수 있습니다.
마우스를 올리시면 자세한 프로그램을 보실 수 있습니다
Hyowon Funeral Service & Cemetery
Byeongjeom Pedestrian Overpass
Hwasan Bridge
Hwaseong Hyeonchung (Memorial) Park
Anyeong Intersection
Shinhan Mijien APT
Mannyeonje (reservoir)
Yunggeolleung Tombs

1Daehwanggyo-dong 2Hyowon Funeral Service & Cemetery

4Hwasan Bridge 3Byeongjeom Pedestrian Overpass

5Hwaseong Hyeonchung (Memorial) Park 6Anyeong Intersection

8Shinhan Mijien APT 7Anyeong Intersection

9Mannyeonje (reservoir) 10Yunggeolleung Tombs


Handover-Takeover Ceremony of King Jeongjo’s Royal Parade


Declaration of the departure of King Jeongjo’s Royal Parade in Hwaseong City!
The Ceremony of handover-takeover of King Jeongjo’s Royal Parade and to mark the beginning of the journey the border between Hwaseong and Suwon, Daehwanggyo-dong

Hwaseong Hyeonchung (Memorial) Park

Traditional Culture Performance for Taepyung Sungdae (a peaceful era led by a wise and generous king)

11:30~11:45, 11:45~12:05

Make a great world! Celebration performance welcoming the King Jeongjo’s Royal Parade
Choi, Ru-Beck, a filial son’s Tiger Performance and Traditional Culture Performance

King’s Order Delivery Performance by Seon-Jeon-Gwan (the Secretary General of King)


Announcing the arrival of King Jeongjo
Delivering the message informing of the King Jeongjo’s arrival by Seon-Jeon-Gwan (the Secretary General of King) from the parade

정조대왕 퀴즈


조선시대 들병이와 함께하는 정조대왕 퀴즈!
재미와 함께 지식은 덤~

Serving Lady Hyegyeong a Royal Meal (Thin Rice Porridge) and Sharing it with Citizens


Honoring filial piety in the journey of filial piety
Tasting Jeongjo’s filial piety by serving Samryeong (Wolfiporia Extensa Ginns & Ginseng) tea, which filled with King Jeongjo’s filial piety, and sharing the tea with the citizens gathered around

Drawing Uigwe (a collection of books recording the royal rituals & ceremonies) Danwon Kim Hong-Do


Recording the memory of the royal parade
The performance of the 2019 Long-Distance Royal Parade Uigwe in the year of golden pig recorded by Danwon Kim Hong-Do and the artists at Dohwaseo (Korean Royal Academy of Painting) in paintings

Joseon People’s Second Line Parade


Walking along the path of the king and enjoying with all the people together!
Dreaming of a new world, mingling with many citizens waiting for the king

Joseon Jumak (pub/tavern/inn), Citizen's Welcome Center

Journey to the Joseon Dynasty
Sharing Tteok (rice cakes) and Sikhye (sweet rice beverage) with the citizens of the Joseon Dynasty, holding a quiz competition and recreating the feel of the street around Jumak (pub) om the era of the Joseon Dynasty


정조의 혜경궁 가마 문후


정조의 효심을 살피다
장거리 원행에 지쳤을 노모를 걱정하여 심환지에게 삼령차를 달여 놓으라 명하는 정조의 효심을 살펴보다

Yunggeolleung Tombs

Receiving King Jeongjo by Hwaseong Yusu (Mayor)


The welcoming performance in receiving King Jeongjo in Hwaseong-si and his royal parade by Hwaseong Yusu (Mayor) and his major guests

Serving Samryeong (Wolfiporia Extensa Ginns & Ginseng) tea to Lady Hyegyeong and Sharing with Citizens


Taking care of the King’s mother in the path of filial piety!
Serving Samryeong (Wolfiporia Extensa Ginns & Ginseng) tea to Lady Hyegyeong, the King’s old mother who was probably tired of traveling long distances and and sharing the tea with citizens

Gyeok-Jeong Oral Petition Performance


A play where the people, who has been abused and unfair treatment, beat the Gong to get the attention of the King in the procession.



강성범과 함께하는 능행차 현장 중계!
수다맨 강성범의 입담과 문화해설사의 능행차 설명을 현장에서 생생하게 즐길 수 있는 Youtube 생방송 오픈 스튜디오

Royal Parade to King’s Tombs


The reenactment parade at Yungneung for a sacred ritual at the gardens of Hyun-Ryung-Won, the Crown Prince Sado’s Tomb

A Sacred Ritual at the gardens of Hyun-Ryung-Won, Crown Prince Sado’s Tomb


I am the son of Crown Prince Sado.
Refining the mind and exercising courtesy honoring the ancestor

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