Festival Schedule

King Jeongjo's Royal Parade

Seoul Route The King’s Visit to Suwon Hwaseong Route

Gangbuk & Baedari Routes Gangnam Routes
Gangnam RouteNoeul-Naru Park ~ Siheung Haenggung Palace / 11km *The program above is subject to change. Move your mouse cursor and hover it over the desired location to access more details about the program.
Move your mouse cursor and hover it over the desired location to access more details about the program.
Noeul-Naru Park
  • 공연프로그램
  • 격쟁 퍼포먼스
  • 전시&체험
  • 먹거리 장터
Dongjak-Gu District Office
Jangseungbaegi Station
Boramae Station
Guro Digital Complex Station
Siheung IC
Siheung Sageori
Siheung Haenggung Palace
  • 정조맞이 호위무사
  • 시흥현교서 선포
  • 격쟁 상황극
  • 정재공연
  • 문화공연
  • 먹거리 장터
  • 시민체험

1Noeul-Naru Park 2Dongjak-Gu District Office

4Sindaebangsamgeori 3jangseungbaegi Station

5Boramae Station 6Guro Digital Complex Station

8Siheung Sageori 7Siheung IC

9Siheung Haenggung Palace

Nodeul Naru Park

Modum Drum Performance


Modum drum performance that heralds the beginning of the event

Comprehensive Illustrated Manual of Martial Arts Live Performance


Demonstration performance of Martials Arts in a Comprehensive Illustrated Manual of Martial Arts to commemorate the great feats of King Jeongjo

Play & Gukak B-Boying Performance


Beona performance and nanjang performance as well as kukak and b-boying collaboration performance

Tightrope Walking Performance


Performance of the UNESCO-designated human intangible cultural heritage, traditional tightrope walking ‘panjul’ show

Dispute Performance


Discussion and dispute reproducing performance to commemorate King Jeongjo’s love for his subjects

Community Center Presentation


Performance of 13 community centers such as pungmul band, traditional dance, line dance, etc. that are actively running within the district of Dongjak-gu

Mural Painting of Eulmyowonhaengeuigwe Banchado


Citizen participation program that reproduces Eulmyowonhaengeuigwe Banchado, which contains the schedule of King Jeongjo’s neunghaengcha

Citizen Participation Program


Jang Yong Young martial arts experience, Dongjak-gu signature experience hall, traditional play experience, etc.


Yongyangbongjeojeong Program


Royal costume experience, photo printing on a mug cup service, photo exhibition of Dongjak-gu Yongyangbongjeojeong’s park project

Geumcheon-gu Office permanent stage

Geumcheon-gu Office Participation Performance


Various performances for participation of Geumcheon-gu residents Songseok Art Company (pungmul), Geumcheon Gumdo Association (Gumdo Demo), Geumcheon Cultural Center (Up dance) National Traditional Arts Middle School (baeggu dance, pansori Love Song), Sangmu Taekwondo (Taekwondo), International Youth Choir (ensemble)

Large-Sized Calligraphy Demonstration


Large calligraphic demonstration by a professional calligrapher (Writing under the theme of Geumcheon-gu)

Kukak Performance (Geumarang)


Inspiring stage of harmony of traditional and modern aspects based on traditional music under the objective of popularization of Korean traditional music, kukak

Joseon Exhibition Hall

History of King Jeongjo’s neunghaeng-cha and traditional costume experience, royal seat photo zone

Air Avatar Experience

Experience zone for trying out the air avatar and having a photo shoot with it

Parade (Resident Welcoming Event)

King Jeongjo Welcoming Parade under 5 pungmul band guild

On the Ginko Tree Road

Dispute Sitcom


Reproduction of the dispute in Siheung haenggung (Around Community Support Center)

Management Office for the 2019 King Jeongjo Tomb Parade Reenactment

Seoul Office16-9, Yanghwa-ro 8-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul 04044 /Tel 02-786-0610

Suwon Office11, Haenggung-ro, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do/Tel 031-290-3612~3

Hwaseong OfficeNojak-ro, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 18459, Festival Promotion Team of Dongtan Cultural Complex Center/Tel 031-8015-8275

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