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Recruitment of participation groups for the Citizen’s Parade Contest in "Joseon Baekseong Hwanhee Madang"
Event Name
The Citizen’s Parade Contest, “Joseon Baekseong Hwanhee Madang “ of 2019 King Jeongjo’s Royal Parade
Introduction to the Event
< Joseon Baekseong Hwanhee Madang > is the Citizen’s Parade Contest that expresses the expectations and joy of the people of Joseon waiting for the king’s visit to Suwon before the 2019 King Jeongjo’s Royal Parade. Various and exciting on-the-go performances such as Nongak (traditional music performed by farmers) , dances, and street plays are held in Suwon. We are looking for groups, clubs, and organizations to join us in the opening event , < Joseon Baekseong Hwanhee Madang >, which will spice up the main event. We look forward to the participation of our citizens who will bring the King Jeongjo’s Royal Parade to success.
Date & Time
Sunday, October 6, 2019, 12:00~16:00
Jangan Park (the assembly point) → Janganmun Gate → Jangan Crossroads→ In front of the Haenggung Palace Square → The Office of Paldal-gu (the breakup place) (about 1.3km long / located in Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do)
Competition Categories
All categories that are possible for on-the-go or on-the-spot performances such as music, dances and street plays.
Areas to be judged
The level of completeness of the parade (creativity, consistency, accuracy and on-site response ability), audience response, etc.
Eligibility Requirements
Groups, clubs, and organizations consisting of 15 or more people※ Regardless of nationality, place of residence, gender or age.
Time required
Approx. 25 minutes ※ On foot (There is an on-to-spot performance for 3 minutes in each of the 3 places on the route.
Entry fee
Preparation Requirements
Things to prepare: Music for the parade (mp3 file), and costumes and props for performances
Document submission (August) → Proposal competition (early September) → Result announcement and orientation (in September) → The main contest (October) ※ A total of 30 teams will be selected first through the proposal competition. If there are less than 30 teams applied, All teams applied will participate in the main contest.
Registration for Participation

Participant Registration periodMonday, August 12 ~ Sunday September 1, 2019

How to registerPlease send a message to

Document submission: Please download and complete the registration form, and send it with your e-mail message. (required) Video Submission: Please attach your video file filmed for less than 3 minutes, the same as the parade. (required)
Parade Awards

16 teams in total / KRW 23 million of the total prize amount

Classification Prize Amount Prize Amount
The First Grand Award KRW 4 million per team 1team
The First Award KRW 3 million per team 2team
Award of Excellence KRW 2 million per team 3team
Merit Award KRW 1 million per team 4team
Popularity Award KRW 500,000 per team 6team
Participant Privileges

Participation in “Joseon Baekseong Hwanhee Madang “ of 2019 King Jeongjo’s Royal Parade

Payment of the participation support fee: The amount of the payment may differ depending on the number of people per group.

※ KRW 500,000 will be paid to a team with 15 or more but less than 30 people. KRW 800,000 will be paid to a team with 30 people or more.

The confirmation of participation in the main contest will be issued upon request.

  • If the applicant group exceeds 30 teams, the final team will be selected based on the pre-screening materials such as summited documents and video materials.
  • The finalists must submit the sound recordings to be used for this contest within 3 days of the proposal competition result announcement date.
  • The finalists (1 representative from each team) must attend the 1st orientation session and select the parade entry order.
  • The orientation date is Friday, September 20, 2019, and the time and place will be announced later.
  • The orientation date and time may be subject to change, depending on the circumstances of the organizer. If you fail to attend the orientation, you will be considered to have abandoned your participation.
  • The finalists (two representatives from each team) must attend rehearsals and the 2nd orientation on the day of the event and be familiar with the rules of the parade.
  • The 2nd orientation is Sunday, October 6, 2019, and the time and venue will be announced later. The date and time may be subject to change, depending on the situation on the day.
  • If the finalists on the event day are smaller than the number listed on the entry form, it may be a factor in returning the grant and deducting the on-site reviews.
  • There must be two banner bearers among the participants per team.
  • The portrait rights and ownership of the photos and videos of the finalists will belong to Suwon Cultural Foundation.
  • Organizers may use them for publicity and other operations without prior consent of the contest team, and the relevant organization may not dispute the portrait rights.
  • Our own vehicles for parades cannot be used.
  • Self-produced operating props can be used, but you must consult with Suwon Cultural Foundation in advance.
  • Accidents and damages arising from the self-produced equipment and props, other than those provided by the foundation, are the sole responsibility of the relevant organization.
  • There is no separate stage facility or microphone equipment within the parade routes except for the sound equipment for sound source transmission.
  • Please note that additional installation is not possible for seamless operation of the main Royal Parade.
Tourism Marketing Team, The Department of Tourism, Suwon Cultural Foundation (031-290-3682~3)

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